Jessica Buickerood












Owner and founder of Katzi Designs, Jessica (Jessie) is a creator of useful art. "Art should be part of our everyday life, a daily pleasure." Jessica carries on the artists' tradition of her great-grandmother the sculptor, Katzi, her grandfather a Master of Arts educator, and her parents, homesteaders, crafters and builders. Jessica's hands-on skills come from this early learning in kitchen and shop: sewing and cooking, drawing and painting, sawing and glueing. Printing and design was tackled and honed in college and she continues all of them to this day.


She now lives in Sonoma County where she grows a garden, cooks up sweet treats, dreams, creates, tinkers and produces unique little art pieces for everyday life.


“I love the entire process, from brainstorming to sketching to rolling out the ink. Having the final product in my hands is always a delight!”